source site buy propecia nz House Blessings for New or Old House

trading 212 60 sekunden If one wishes to bless their new home or current residence, the Venerable Gyuto Monks will be available to perform the house blessings. It takes about two hours to complete the house blessing prayers. If one is interested in having a house blessing, please contact us at (510) 926-3969. There is no fee for our monks prayer service, but we encourage a small donation to the Center and individual offerings to the monks which will be greatly appreciated. Extensive version of house blessing. The extensive version takes three days. This is rarely done, except for very large statues or stupas, and it is very difficult to find all the substances required to do it. If the extensive version is done, then special effort is made to find all of the required ingredients so as to make the ritual extremely precise and complete.

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The Venerable Gyuto Monks host the annual statue consecration around July or August. Members and anyone who needs to consecrate and fill their new Buddha statues with mantras should bring all the statues a week before the actual consecration. Normally, there will be lots of statues to consecrate and it will take a few weeks to fill up all the statues. Cost for the Statue Consecration: We normally don’t have any fees for the statue consecrations; however, we do request a small donation for the consecration. If the statues are bigger than 12 inches then we are requesting $100 per statue. There are a lot of costs associated with printing the mantras and it takes the monks several days to roll them. In addition, other materials we may need to purchase are strong glues, incense, a piece of flat metal and so on. Statue consecration is very time consuming work. Therefore, Gyuto monks only offer this statue consecration once a year. Responsibilities: Members and friends who need to consecrate their statues, please make sure to write your names and contact numbers on the back of each statue. When the consecration is completed, the Venerable Monks will contact you so you may pick up the statues. The Venerable Monks will treat the statues respectfully during the consecration but accidents can happen. Sometimes part of a statue may break or may be missing some ornaments, or they may potentially get mixed-up with other statues. Especially statues made of fiberglass - they are particularly fragile. Therefore, we are not responsible for any damages incurred during the process of consecration. During the process of filling the statues with mantras, we must fill the statue from the bottom. However, very often manufacturers seal the bottom, so sometimes the monks must unseal the bottom cover- this could result in chips, etc.

follow url Tradition: All Buddha images are representations of Buddhas or enlightened beings and all statues must be placed on an altar respectfully to develop devotion and faith in order to practice Dharma. Therefore, it is very important to have all statues consecrated. 

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