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go to site Main Prayer Hall: The Prayer Hall has the capacity for 200, with cushions. Chairs are not provided for the general public, with the exception of the disabled and seniors. We do not rent the Prayer Hall, so that it may be available to the public, but you are welcome to sit and meditate during your program at Gyuto Foundation. No shoes, food, or drinks are permitted in the Prayer Hall, with the exception of water. No items are to be removed from the Prayer Hall without permission. 

click Community Hall Rental: The Community Hall has the capacity for 150 for conference style event or 120 for party with chairs and tables. There are two smaller rooms adjacent to the Community Hall - a Library and Classroom - which are included with the Community Hall rental.
Rental hours are from 9:00 am - 10:00 pm.

Community hall is available to rent for for a fee of $400 for 10 hours includes chairs, tables, and sound system. No minimum rental hour available. (Additional $350 for kitchen use for 10 hours). More photos of the facilities found here. Facilities for the following events:

  • Group retreats
  • Group meditations
  • University/College projects
  • Children birthday celebrations
  • Graduation celebrations
  • Art & culture shows
  • Group meetings
  • Conference meetings
  • School projects
  • Wedding receptions
  • Special reception
  • Yoga class
  • Family re-union

follow link Community Hall Amenities: Basic sound system and podiums are available for no addition fee. No recording device is available. However, you are welcome to bring your own sound system and projector without an additional fee. Loud music, which can be heard outside and may disturb our friendly neighbors, is not allowed. 

Chairs: Padded chairs and folding tables may not be used outside. White table cloths will be provided without an additional fee. There are 50 metal chairs available for outdoor use with no additional fee. 
see Decorations: There shall be no decorations nailed or taped on walls or ceilings. Thumbtacks are welcome. You are responsible for removal of decorations. Use of Kitchen: Our kitchen has only basic facilities; there are no freezers or commercial dish washers in the kitchen. You may use the stove, oven, microwave, and all cookware. No items may be removed from the resident refrigerators, but you are welcome to store your items during your program. You are responsible for cleaning up any portion of the kitchen used. 

se puede vivir de opciones binarias Set up and Clean Up: You are responsible for all set up and cleanup of the facilities used for your event. All garbage must be taken to the garbage containers. Garbage bags will be provided. All non-Monastery property must be removed by 10:00 pm. Any cleaning beyond the standard necessary after an event will be charged a minimum of $50.00. 
see url Repair of Damage: A damage deposit is required and will be held until all areas are inspected for damage. You will be charged for repairs if the facility shows damage beyond that considered ordinary wear and tear. You will be financially responsible for any damages not covered by the deposit.
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follow Hold Harmless Agreement: We require you to provide us with documentation of liability insurance. If no liability insurance is available, please sign as indicated below. You must understand that signing below is an agreement to take full responsibility of any incident that may occur during the event. The purpose of this agreement is to protect Gyuto Foundation from liability resulting from a claim for which Gyuto Foundation is not responsible. Park & Land: You are welcome to use Park behind the Monastery for outdoor activities. However, cooking or any fire related activities are strictly prohibited. You will be responsible for any fire related incidents that may result during the event.

Playground: We provide a small playground for the children. However, children under 5 years of age must be accompanied by their parent or one adult in order to use the playground. Gyuto Foundation is not responsible for any accident which may occur during the use of the playground. Please be aware of poison oak around the property. Do not touch or pick up any plants if you are unfamiliar with plants or flowers. 

Electronics: One computer with internet access, located in the library, will be available for public use. If you need to make signs, print handout materials, or make copies of programs for the event, please ask one of the monks or staff members for help. Limited B/W copies of printing or photo copies will be available. No large sized copies or printing will be available. 

Warning:  Alcohol strictly prohibited at all times at the Monastery. Smoking is only allowed 25 feet away from the Monastery building. Loud music and sports are not allowed inside or outside the building. Do not take or use any Monastery items without permission.

Resident Monks: The resident monks will not be participating in your event. However, if needed, the monks will be available to help. 

It is a perfect place for a group event for 120 people with tables and chairs or up to 150 people for conference style seating. Dinnerware is also available for rent for 120 people if needed. If you would like to book the hall, please contact us in advance by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone (510) 926-3969 for enquiries.

Thank you.

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