Ä â€°ÅžÄº © bineres trading Gyuto Foundation's Wish Listäre-optionen-versteuern-wie The Venerable monks are sincerely hoping to find 100 generous donors who would like to donate $10,000/each towards the Monastery endowment fund. Thirteen members have already so kindly made donations and now we hope that you might help us in reaching 100 donors so that we may reach our endowment goal.

buy Priligy sildenafil citrate in Knoxville Tennessee Members can also sponsor the items listed below. The sponsorship name of your choice will be engraved on a plaque and placed next to the item you donated/sponsored. You will also receive an acknowledgement and be listed on the website forever.

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1. DSC03055

watch This beautiful Buddha stateue was
sponsored by Pema Phuntsog to dedicate for her late husbend Lobsang Tenzin and all sentient beings.


$45,000 2.

Cbinet drawing

This main altar cabinet was built by Charlese with free labor.




Gold plated 6 inch Buddha statues were sponsored by individul members. To date: 29 Buddha statues were sponsored.

$1,500 each



Thousand armed Avalokitesvara or Buddha of Compassion statue was sponsored by Cindy and Susan family to dedicate for their parents and wish all sentient beings develop compassion.




Gold-plated Maitreya Buddha statue was sponsored by Lobsang Chonjor and Dolkar family to florish Buddha's teaching for the benefit of all sentient beings.




Green Tara statue was sponsored by Ngawang Topgyal and Yangzom family for the benefit of all sentient beings.




104633 n

This large prayer wheel with over 10 billion Buddha of Compassion mantras and Pagoda was kindly sponsored by Ngawang Bista & Tenzin Bista family to dedicate for late Kesang Tashi, and Lo-selmo Chimi Dolka and all sentient beings.




IMG 5874

Dharma Wheel and 2 Deers represents teachings of the Buddha was sponsored by Jackie Phan (Que Huong) and Pete Truong to florish Buddhas teaching.


9. 048

Roof top three Gajur represents five Buddhas were sponsored by Tenzin Norgey and Tenzin Dolma family to preserve Buddha's teaching.



Kuyan statue

This beautiful marble Ku-nyen or Buddha of compassion was sponsored by Kenrick Do and Thu Nguyen family for the benefit of all sentient beings.


11. 100 prayer wheels

We are planning to install upte 365 prayer wheels around the monastery. Prayer wheels are available to sponsor with $500 each. Sponsores names will be placed under the each prayer wheels.

To date: 180 prayer wheels are already sponsored. Currently we are not taking donations for the paryer wheel until we coplete the phase one then continue until we reached the goal 365.



12.  img 0104

Sponsor opportunity. We would like to have a large incense burner in the court yard.


13.  Partial donation received

Change all 26 Windows ($500 each


14.  Partial donation received

Carpet for the Main Prayer Hall

 15.  Partial donation received
Security cameras around the temple
 16.  Sponsored by 200 Meditation Cushions $20 each.
 17.  Sponsored Water Sprinkler System for Garden
 18.  Sponsored 150 Folding Chairs  
$20 each
 19. 20 Folding Tables
$100 each
 20.  Sponsored 2 Desktop Computers   $500 each
 21. Meyer Sound donated
Entire sound system for the temple
 22.  Donated 1 Commercial Printer   $3,000
 23. 1 Sets of Security Cameras $2,000
 24.  Donated 1 Color Printer & Scanner
 25.  Donated 1 Photo Copy Machine   $2,000
 26. 1 Sets of Kitchenware $500
 27. Clean Up the Gardens and Re-Plant Flowers $1,000
 28. Donated 1 Lawn Mower    $500
 29.  Sponsored 5 Day Beds for the Resident Monks $300 each
 30.  Sponsored 10 Twin Mattresses   $300 each
 31.  Sponsored 2 Office Desks $500 each
 32.  Donated 3 Office Chairs 100 each
 33.  Donated 1 Sofa Set for Monks' Residence $800
 34.  Sponsored 1 Dining Room Set  $1,000
 35.  Donated
1 Refrigerator 
 36. 1 Commercial  Refrigerator for the temple $2,000
 37. 1 Freezer $500
 38.  Sponsored 1 Dishwasher    $500
 39.  Sponsored 1 Washer   $600
 40.  Sponsored 1 Dryer    $600
 41.  Sponsored 1 Sets of Children's Playhouse $1,000
 42.  Sponsored 1 Sofa Set in Rinpoche's Room
 43.  Sponsored Garden Tools $500
44.  Sakura Tree 1024


Sponsor opportunities.

We planted many cherry blossom trees around the monastery each 6 feet tall. Donate upto $5,00 and your names will be engraved and place under the cherry trees. We planned to have Richmond Heights annual cherry blossom festival in April during Easter holiday.

$1,000 each

Did you know that we can match your donation $1. to $1.  Don't forget to shop at Amazon Smile and chose Gyuto Foundation as your charity organization.  All donations are tax deductible. we thank you so much for your generous donations. 

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